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Injuries and Overuse Complaints in Windfoiling Compared to Windsurfing

Dear water sports enthusiasts,


welcome to our scientific study about injuries and overuse complaints in windfoiling (windsurfing with foilboard) and windsurfing.

The online survey is anonymous and cannot be traced back to you personally. The questionnaire refers retrospectively to the last 12 months.


Please answer the questions even if you did NOT get injured.



In the study, we investigate – for the first time - the correlations between


  • engaging in windfoiling and possible typical injuries compared to conventional windsurfing


  • choice of equipment and the presumed associated injuries




By participating, you contribute to gaining new insights into windfoiling, assessing the risk of injuries, avoiding potential injuries in the future, and making the sport safer. The questionnaire takes max. 10 minutes to complete. Participation in the study is voluntary, and there are no disadvantages if you decline or discontinue the survey.


Note: Please answer each question. Try to decide spontaneously. There are no right or wrong answers; your personal assessment is important.


Data protection: The questionnaire is answered anonymously and no personal data is collected. Therefore, your responses cannot be linked to your person. The anonymized data will be stored on a hard drive for at least ten years after the project's completion. No third parties will have access to the data. The data will be analyzed using statistical methods. The results will only be published in summarized form ensuring that no individual data can be inferred.


Declaration of consent: By starting the survey and thereby participating in it (by clicking "Next"), you confirm that you have read the information about data privacy as given above and agree to the anonymous storage, processing of your responses, and publication of the results in summarized form. Due to anonymous storage, it is not possible to revoke your consent later.

This survey is anonymous.

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